Production Solutions since 1992, as the first company in Poland provided polish electronic industry with the highest world-class equipment and products for SMT production, rework and repair and all what is needed for static protection ESD (Inclusive of Grounding, Ionizing, ESD Apparel, ESD Shoes, ESD Tools, Table and Floor rubber, non burn mats etc.

Production Solutions supplies the newest generation of American and Japanese SMT Rework, Repair and Assembly equipment. Specialists from Motorola, Nokia, Felextronics, Philips and all main producers of communications systems and other electronic devices appreciate high quality and reliability of these products.

For the user it is the best equipment at the lowest price. For quick deliveries and service, the equipment is assembled and serviced in Poland, USA, and Japan. It includes: X-FineRework Series, Hot Air Systems, Pick and Place Machines, Stencil Printer, Convection Oven, Paste Dispensers, Convection Pre-heaters, N2 systems (lead free solders), and complete ESD protection Systems.

All Equipment was designed and is built for LEAD FREE soldering.

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