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Zero Charge™ A-R10 - Wrist strap tester
A-R10 - Wrist strap tester

Connect the grounding wire and press the center pad. If the grounding system is safe, the green "good" lamp will light up and an audible signal will be heard. Can be used anywhere to quickly and easily check a variety of grounding systems. Ensures employee safety and eliminates product defects caused by electrostatic discharge.

Unit quickly & simply checks all the following:

  1. Wrist straps & grounding wires.
  2. Contact resistance between the wrist strap and the skin.
System includes
  • Wrist strap tester
  • Ground wire: 6.2' (2,5m)
Technical specifications
LOW < 800 kohm
GOOD 800 kohm - 9 Mohm
HIGH > 9 Mohm
Dimensions 3.1" x 4.6" x 1.5"
(80 x 117 x 40 mm)
Power 9V battery required

Note: The tolerance in resistance is set to +10%-0% for lower limit of 800 kohm and +0%-10% for upper limit of 9 Mohm

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