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PX-238 AS, PX-232 AS and PX-242 AS

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The heater is automatically controlled by the heating load of the tip making it an excellent choice for soldering terminals and connectors.

It is exceptional heat recovery even during continuous operation is assured by the adoption of a ceramic heater with integrated sensor and provides quick heating capability and quick response. With its high insulation and low current leakage soldering of precision flat IC and CMOS is safe. 

    A high power ceramic heater with built-in sensor is adopted. The sensor senses the change of tip temperature when soldering and the heater responds to changes in the tip temperature quickly.

    The set temperature is kept stable by the temperature control circuit built into the grip. The operator cannot change the temperature by mistake. This assures that it always operates at the same temperature even under production line conditions.
  • QUICK HEAT RECOVERYThe high power ceramic heater assures quick temperature recovery with its excellent heat recovery enabling it to handle large heat loads required for soldering terminals and connectors. By controlling the ON/OFF of the heater automatically, the temperature is kept stable allowing flat ICs, PCBs and CMOS soldering which require stable temperature control to be done.
  • ZERO-VOLT SWITCH CIRCUITThe heater ON/OFF control uses the zero-volt switch circuit which reduces noise during the ON/OFF to the minimum.

Specification / Replacement Parts


PX-232 AS

PX-238 AS PX-242 AS
Tip temp. /°C 320 380 420
Voltage / V 110-130 / 220-240 110-130 / 220-240 110-130 / 220-240
Consumption / W 70 70 70
Length / mm 220 220 220
Weight / g 70 70 70

Insulation Resistance

Over 100MOhm

Over 100MOhm

Over 100MOhm


PX-232/238/242 AS Heater  PX-2H
PX-232/238/242 AS Collar CXG-15NUT
Heater Barrel TQ-77HP
Spacer TQ-77SS

Available Tip Shapes

Recommended Soldering Stand Model ST-77

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