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CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CBGAs are a ceramic substrate package. The package consists of a ceramic substrate, which is covered with an epoxy or metal lid encapsulating the cavity. CBGAs offer flexible ball counts. Full, Perimeter, or Stagger arrays. Solder balls are high temp (90Pb/10Sn). CBGA body sizes range from 15mm to 32.5mm.

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Part Number I/O
Pitch Body
CBGA121-1.27mm-15mm 121 1.27mm 15mm 11 x 11 Full Array
CBGA256-1.27mm-21mm 256 1.27mm 21mm 16 x 16 Full Array
CBGA304-1.27mm-21x 25mm 304 1.27mm 21 x 25mm 16 x 19 Full Array
CBGA361-1.27mm-25mm 361 1.27mm 25mm 19 x 19 Full Array
CBGA625-1.27mm-32.5mm 625 1.27mm 32.5mm 25 x 25 Full Array
  • Parts are cavity up.
  • Parts are packaged in non-JEDEC waffle trays (tray quantity may vary).
  • Parts are daisy-chained.
  • All CBGA components are 1.27mm pitch.
  • CBGA packages are also available as high “performance” packages for environmental testing (call for more details).
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