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Melf Diodes

MELFs have metallized terminals at each end of a cylindrical body. MELF components are designed to fit the same footprints as flat components i.e.: 0805 (.08" x .05") and the 0603 (.06" x .03"). MELF packages are available on plastic tape and reel

Part Number Body Size Quantity
7" Reel
13" Reel
SOD80-TR 1.4 x 3.4mm 2,500 8mm 4mm 10,000
Note: SOD80 Package is also known as LL-34 or DO-213AA.
SM1-TR 2.6 x 5.0mm 1,500 12mm 4mm 5,000
Note: Package is also known as LL-41 or DO-213AB.
Melf Diode Dimensions
  • Melf Diodes are cylindrical glass or plastic packages.
  • TR = Tape and Reel
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