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S-CSP Stacked CSP

Amkor’s Stacked CSP packages leverage existing CABGA manufacturing capabilities and proven package infrastructure while adding the enhancement of placing one die on top of another.

Stacked CSP packages combine the use of thin core substrate material, wafer backgrinding know-how (to 7 mils), and conventional BGA surface mount techniques. This technology allows for very efficient use of motherboard real estate, reducing size and weight and supporting the customer's system level cost reduction needs.

Amkor Stacked CSP
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Part Number I/O Count Pitch Body
Per Tray
A-CSP72-.8mm-8x10mm 72 .8mm 8 x 10mm 8 x 12 220
A-CSP72-.8mm-8x11mm 72 .8mm 8 x 11mm  
A-CSP72-.8mm-8x12mm 72 .8mm 8 x 12mm  
  • Low profile package height (1.4mm max.)
  • Flash/SRAM combination with up to 72 I/O.
  • Established package infrastructure with standard CABGA footprints.
  • Consistent product performance and reliability.
  • JEDEC MO-219 Standard Outlines.
  • Moisture resistance testing JEDEC Level 3 @ 240 °C
Amkor Stacked CSP Cross Section Drawing
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