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XSI-200D Digital Soldering Station

CE Mark

XSI-200D Digital Soldering Station

Digital Soldering Station

Ultra-High Performance PID tip temperature control system accurately measures and controls the actual tip temperature in real time. Temperature Sensor is attached to the cartridge tip end, which guarantees extremely accurate temperature setting and control.

  • Microprocessor control and digital compensation for pre-programmed sensor’s non-linearity. Overheat protection limits built-in.
  • User-adjustable offset to correct different tip mass shape and heat transfer to tip soldering point.
  • Standby made to lower tip temperature when iron is not used and to greatly extend tip life
  • Accurate temperature PID control (± 1°C).
  • Memory for 20-programmed temperature settings
  • Lightweight and ergonomic ESD hand piece
  • ESD Safe
  • Metal (not plastic) solid construction for long service life
  System includes:
  • XSI200D - Digital Soldering Base Unit
  • XSI-11 - Soldering Iron
  • XST-77 - Tool Holder for XSI-11 Soldering Iron
  • XSI-ST - Sponge tray with sponge P/N XSP-1
  Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage 110-120, 220-240V AC 
Power consumption 160 W
Temperature Control System µP PID Control
Soldering Iron Ceramic heater 24V / 60W
Temperature Setting Range Room temp. - 842°F (450°C)
Insulation Resistance   Over 1000 MOhm
Leakage Voltage Less than 0.5 mV
Earth Resistance Less than 0.3 Ohm
Ripple Temperature Without Load   Less than ±1ºC
Weight 3 lbs. (1,4 kg)
System dimensions 3.5" x 6.5" x 6.5" (80 x 160 x 160 mm)
Packaged weight 5.2 lbs. (2,4 kg)
Optional Equipment:
  • XRX Series - Tips for XSI-11 Soldering Iron
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