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Obcinaczki, Szczypce

Heavy Duty Cutting Pliers
With safety clip
5" Cutting pliers (110mm)

P/N: 1PK-5101-C

P/N: 1PK-396A

5" Bent nose pliers (125mm) 5" Long nose pliers (125mm)

P/N: 1PK-396D

P/N:  1PK-396B

2 in 1 wire stripper / cutter 7 in 1 Stripper

P/N: 1PK-066

  • A professional standard, self-adjusting wire stripper / cutter, with hardened stainless steel blades for wire sizes 0.4 to 1.6mm 26 AWG to 14 AWG.

  • Combine in 1compact unit.

  • Having a sturdy steel frame, and glass-filled nylon construction.

  • Provided you more convenience and

  • safety.

P/N:  1PK-325

  • SK7 alloy steel. (Hardness: HRC48°-52°)

  • Strips 10 to 20 AWG and 0.8 to 2.6mm standard wire.

  • Cuts standard solid wire.

  • Cuts unhardened bolts and screws.

  • Crimps bare and insulated terminals for 0.3 to 2 wire size

  • Loops wire from the front of tool.

  • Crimps coaxial connector for 6 size.

5" Micro Cutting Pliers (125mm) Standard Flush Cutter
P/N:  1PK-25P

P/N: 1PK-206  

5" Micro Cutting Pliers (125mm) 4" Micro Cutting Pliers (100mm)
P/N: 1PK-30
P/N: 1PK-701

5" Diagonal Cutting Pliers (125mm) 5" Diagonal Cutting Nipper (125mm)
P/N: 1PK-037
P/N: 1PK-705

5" Micro Cutting Pliers (125mm) 5" Micro Diagonal Cutting Nipper (125mm)
P/N: 1PK-101
P/N: 1PK-717
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