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Akcesoria Lutownicze

10Pcs Trimming tool set

P/N: 1PK-A001

A set of 10 trimming tool with molded plastic tips, including slotted, hexagonal and square types.

Solder assist

P/N: 1PK-3636

These kit has the specialized tools you need for soldering, a heat sink to protect your heat-sensitive devices, knife and brush, scraper and hook, fork and spike.

Inspection Mirror

P/N: 1PK-396B

All-angle ball joint mirrors with stainless steel mirror backs. Visual inspection of hidden areas. Double ball joint links swivel mirrors for viewing to 360°.

Made of tempered spring steel to move freely and hold desired position.

Replaceable, plated, copper-backed, clear-view mirrors.

Non-rotating inner hex rods prevent mirrors from swinging out of alignment. Insulating vinyl grip on all models.

Rotary coaxial cable stripper

P/N: 6PK-312B, 6PK-332

Used for removing the outer sheath (PVC & Plenum types) from unshielded rotating the stripper on clock-wise by 3-6 times, provided you safety and efficiency.

Stainless Steel Forceps

P/N: 1PK-317N

For clamping and as third hand positive snap-lock construction with plastic handles. Serrated jaws. For holding small components and wire.

1PK-T405 5" Straight Forceps
1PK-T415 5" Curved Forceps
1PK-T406 6" Straight Forceps
1PK-T416 6" Curved Forceps

Spring Hook

P/N: 1PK-3171, 1PK-317N

Can grab small spring and wires, suitable for OA field service.

5 Pcs Hook Set

Contents 6 parts 5 different hooks which can be screwed in a handle.

Desoldering Pump

P/N: 8PK-366D

  • Anti-static desoldering

  • Rugged metal construction
  • Anti-static tip

Desoldering Wick

  • High quality desoldering braid with unique no clean flux

  • Pure oxygen-free copper wire


Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (mm)













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