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Zero Charge™ Service Mat Sets and Computer Mats

Every one knows that the discharge of static electricity can damage electronic components on the PCB's used in a variety of products. Managers are concerned mainly about the thread of ESD on the manufacturing floor. They usually implement ESD Control Mechanisms to limit or eliminate Static Electricity. Same or similar measures should be undertaken when working in the field and servicing Electronic Equipment. First and very basic protection against ESD in the field is FIELD SERVICE MAT SET, including a mat, grounding wire and a wrist strap.

We are offering below a selection of Field Service Mat Sets produced by different manufacturers so that everyone can have one tilored to his taste and likings.

Service Mat Set with 6ft grounding wire and a wrist strap

The Service Mat Set Includes:

  • Service mat -size 23 1" x 23 1' (60 x 60 cm)
  • Wrist strap with 6' coil cord
  • Grounding Wire with banana plug and alligator clip
  • Convenient Carrying Pouch
CHW 16475a
Field Service Kit

Complete with a canvas, carry-all pouch, this portable kit creates a static-safe work area for the field technician during service calls. The adjustable wrist strap, with a built-in 1MΩ resistor and 6-ft. coiled ground cord, fits any wrist and provides an effective means of dissipating static charges from personnel. The red static-dissipative vinyl mat, with its 15-ft. common point ground cord, provides an attractive, low tribocharging, protective work surface that will conduct charges to the ground. The mat measures 18" x 22", is 18 mil thick, has a surface resistivity of 108 - 109 ohms, and comes with two female snap fasteners installed.

ESD Pouch for Service Mats, Tools or Accessories, Color: Blue

ESD Pouch for Service Mats, Tools or Accessories, Color: Red

Computer mats

  • ABM-401 Computer mat kit, mat 24”x20” + coil cord 6ft
  • ABM-402A Keyboard mat kit, mat 22”x12” + coil cord 6ft
  • ABM-405A Computer mat kit, mat 24”x24” + coil cord 6ft
  • ABM-612A Computer mat kit, mat 48”x24” + coil cord 6ft
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