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Super Wick for Lead Free Solder

Any place you can put solder in, you can take it out with our Lead Free Super Wick. Specifically designed for high temperature, lead free solders. Also works great with conventional tin/lead solders. More strands of copper (more surface area) per square inch. Able to transfer heat to solder joints more quickly and efficiently than conventional desoldering braids. No Clean. Static free bobbins. RoHS compliant.

Features/ Benefits

  • For Lead Free solder
  • High temperature
  • RoHS Compliant

Typical Applications

Use to remove lead free solder during circuit repair.

Available Sizes

Super Wick for Lead Free Solder
Length 0.05"
#2 Yellow
#3 Green
#4 Blue
5 ft MG-424LF MG-425LF MG-426LF
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