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Thermally Conductive Epoxy Encapsulating & Potting Compound

100% solids. Formulated with undiluted Bis F resin for superior physical properties, and pigmented with high purity aluminum oxide pigment to provide excellent thermal conductivity at reasonable cost. Pigmented black for excellent thermal absorption and emission.

  • Provides superior protection from impact, shock, conductivity, moisture, abuse, chemicals, and analysis.
  • Two part epoxy, with a 1 to 1 mixing ratio by volume.
  • Two hour working time
  • Suitable for large production runs
  • Cures in 2 days at room temperature or one hour at 65°C.


Uncured Properties - Resin [Part A]
Viscosity 41,100 cps
Specific Gravity 1.8019
Color Black
Uncured Properties - Hardener [Part B]
Viscosity 68,900 cps
Specific Gravity 1.5036
Color Black
Cured Properties - PHYSICAL  Test Method  
Mixed Viscosity 76,300 cps
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.6156
Volume Mix Ratio (resin:hardener) 1:1
Working time (100g) 120 min.
Cure Time (100g, room temp.) 24 hours
Heat Cure Time (100g, 65°C) 60 min.
Shore Hardness 82 Shore D
Tensile strength ASTM-D-638-02A 2734 psi
Elongation ASTM-D-638-02A 1.87%
Compression strength ASTM-D-638-02A 4,088 psi
Flexural strength ASTM-D-790-03 5,352 psi
Cantilever Beam (IZOD) Impact ASTM-D-256-02 E1 0.80 ft lb ft / in
Shear Strength ASTM-E-831-03 ASTM-E-831-03 3.224 psi
Cured Properties - TEMPERATURE Test Method  
Constant Service Temperature ASTM-D-648-01 35.35°C (95.6°F)
Dielectric Constant ASTM-D-150-98 4.41
Dissipation Factor ASTM-D-150-98 0.0113
Volume Resistivity ASTM-D-257-99 2.58 x 1015 ohm · cm
Surface Resistivity ASTM-D-257-99 3.16 x 1016 ohm · cm
Heat Deflection Temperature ASTM-D-648-01 35.35°C (95.6°F)
Intermediate Service Temp.   110°C (230°F)
Thermal Conductivity   0.682 W/m*K
Thermal Diffusivity   0.38 mm2/s
Volumetric Specific Heat   1.9MJ/m3*K
Chemical and Solvent Resistance Change after 3 days
Hydrocloric Acid < 0.50%
Isopropyl Alcohol ~ 0%
Ethyl Lactate < 1 %
Acetone < 3%
Xylene < 2%
Iso hexanes ~ 0%
Mineral spirits ~ 0%


Part Number Mfr. Part # Sizes Available Description
Epoxy - Black, Thermally Conductive Encapsulating & Potting Compound
MG-832TC-450ML 832TC-450ML 450mL kit (16 oz) Liquid
MG-832TC-2L 832TC-2L 2 liter kit (0.5 gal) Liquid
MG-832TC-40L 832TC-40L 40 liter kit (10 gal) Liquid
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