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Heavy Duty Flux Remover

Penetrates to quickly remove all non-ionic and ionic soils found in post-solder applications.

For use on the non-component side of circuit boards.

  • Evaporates quickly
  • Extra effective with M.G. Chemicals' Cleaning Brushes
  • Extra strength, may be harmful to some plastics
  • Variable valve allows user to control rate of flow
  • Flammable solvent
Part Number Mfr. Part # Sizes Available Description
MG-413B-425G 413B-425G 425g (15 oz) Aerosol
MG-413B-1L 413B-1L 1L (33 oz) Liquid
MG-413B-4L 413B-4L 4L (1 gal) Liquid
MG-413B-20L 413B-20L 20L (5 gal) Liquid
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