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RX-822AS - Temperature-controlled, lead-free,
dual-port soldering station

2 soldering irons can be used

Can be prepared with 2 different tip types.Therefore, you can do different types of work [such as Micro soldering /High power work (150W)] at the same time.

The 2 soldering irons can be set to different temperatures.

The set temperature and condition can be checked easily with the separate temperature display.

Enables the reworking of chip parts.

It is possible to rework chip parts using 2 tips at the same time. Thus, occasional reworking may be performed without requiring other tools.

Advanced high functionality

Equipped with intelligent functions such as Sleep function, Sleep function release, Shutdown function and Key lock function by the accumulated technology in the RX-802AS.

Easy–to–use handpiece

Equipped with a favorable RX-80GAS/85GAS handpiece. Easy to replace tip without using tools even though a tip is hot. Lighter, reduced heat trasfer, flexible soldering unit cord, and a shorter distance from the handpiece to the tip. Good for more hours of work.

Wide variety of tips

More than 40 shapes of tip are available. You can choose the most suitable tip for your work.

How to Change the Soldering Unit Tip

To remove the soldering unit tip, slide the lever in the direction of the arrow. The tip will then protrude from the handpiece and can be removed easily by holding and pulling the plastic housing of the integrated tip/heater.

Technical Specification

Voltage 110-120, 220-240V AC
Power Consumption 220–260W
Soldering Iron Voltage /Wattage RX-85GAS: Soldering unit [1] side 24V AC 72W/ 150W
RX-80GAS: Soldering unit [2] side 24V AC 72W
Temperature Setting Range 50–450°C (122–842°F)
Dimensions Control Unit : 194(L) X 116(W) X 105(H)mm
174mm (with RX-85HRT -5D, w/o cord bushing)
158mm (with RX-80HRT -B, w/o cord bushing)
Weight Control Unit :Approx. 4.9kg (w/o cord)
Approx.39g (with RX-85HRT -5D, w/o cord bushing)
Approx. 28g (with RX-80HRT -B, w/o cord bushing)
Soldering Unit Cord Length RX-85GAS: 1.5m, RX-80GAS: 1.2m
AC Power Cord Length 1.5m 3 core cord (ground plug)
Leak Voltage Less than 2mV
Ground Resistance Less than 2Ω
Accessories Soldering Iron Stand (ST-20) X 2

Replacement Parts

  • RX-852AS Soldering Unit RX-85GAS (Tip not included)
  • RX-802AS Soldering Unit RX-80GAS (Tip not included)
  • ST-20 Replacement Sponge ST-53SP
  • Tip Holder (Option) ST-20C (ST-20C tip holder is mounted on the ST-20 soldering iron stand)

Handpiece grip rubber (Anti-static)

Four colours to differentiate between stations, tasks or types of solder being used.

(gray) RX-80RB
(black) RX-80RB-BK
(orange) RX-80RB-OR
(green) RX-80RB-GR

Replacement tips

RX-80HRT series [72W]

Applicable Soldering Unit : RX-85GAS/RX-80GAS

Note: Since the heater is integrated in the tip, replacement of only the heater or the tip is not possible.

RX-85HRT series [150W]

Applicable Soldering Unit : RX-85GAS

Note: Since the heater is integrated in the tip, replacement of only the heater or the tip is not possible.

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