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Titanium Screwdrivers

Superior Performance Characteristics

  • Non magnetic
  • Precisely formed and shaped
  • Will not rust even if exposed or soaked in salt water.
  • Light weight (60% steel and 40% super-strong alloy)
  • Excellent handling
  • Used for maintenance and service of precision electronic equipment (i.e.. PCs and Medical Equipment)
  • Can be used by personnel with metal allergies.

Where Used:

  • Everywhere when Magnetic Fields can be upset with Ferrous Materials.
  • Our Titanium - no-magnetic Screwdrivers are the answer.

How to Order:

Part Number Description Packing
TIP0100 Phillips (+)#0-100 (Ø3.0) 1pc. in Box
TIP1100 Phillips (+)#1-100 (Ø5.0) 1pc. in Box
TIP2100S Phillips (+)#2-100 (Ø5.0) 1pc. in Box
TIP2100 Phillips (+)#2-100 (Ø6.0) 1pc. in Box
TIP3150 Phillips (+)#3-150 (Ø8.0) 1pc. in Box
TIS3100 Flat (-)3.0mm-100 (Ø3.0) 1pc. in Box
TIS5100 Flat (-)5.0mm-100 (Ø5.0) 1pc. in Box
TIS6100 Flat (-)6.0mm-100 (Ø6.0) 1pc. in Box
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