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Zero Charge™ ESD Socks
A-Socks-US A-Socks-U A-Socks-UES-W A-Socks-UES-NB

Non-slip, anti-static socks to stop the build-up of static. Our anti-static socks are made of a cotton, acrylic and nylon blend with a conductive fiber (Nickel coated thread) woven into the toes and heels. This prevents generation of static electricity.

Sizes available:

Light Gray: 37-39 one size fits all
Gray: 40-44 one size fits all

1. Wear the socks over your bare feet. 2. Wear anti-static shoes and work on an anti-static mat. 3. Check the conductivity between your body (e.g., your finger) and the bottom of your anti-static footwear. (we recommends AWM-8 Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester)
May be washed in regular detergent up to 20 washes. When dry cleaning, up to 50 times.

Select part number from the following table:
A-Socks-US ESD Socks, Unisex, Sizes: 37-39, Will stretch, one size fits all. Color: light gray
A-Socks-U ESD Socks, Unisex, Sizes: 40-44, Will stretch, one size fits all. Color: gray
A-Socks-UES-W ESD Socks, Unisex, Sizes: 35-38, Will stretch, one size fits all. Color: white
A-Socks-UES-NB ESD Socks, Unisex, Sizes: 38-43, Will stretch, one size fits all. Color: navy blue
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