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BS-2 Tip Cleaner/Refresher

When the tip surface starts to oxidize during operation, it becomes dark and does not wet properly. To improve work efficiency, use the Tip Refresher.


  1. Optimum tip temperature for refreshing the tip is from 300–360˚C.
  2. Dip the tip in the Tip Refresher.
  3. Apply solder to the tip and then clean completely with the sponge on the soldering iron stand (goot ST series).
  4. Apply solder to the tip again. The tip is now tinned and wetting is restored. If the tip is still not wetting properly, repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

If soldering is done on a PCB while the Tip Refresher still remains on the tip, the Tip Refresher will stick to the PCB and it may corrode the PCB. Make sure to completely remove all the Tip Refresher with the sponge on the soldering iron stand before soldering.
Model BS-2
Item Tip Refresher
Composition Ammonium phosphate, Tin Powder
NET Content 9g
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