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XMP-300 Manual Pick and Place System For SMT Low Volume Assembly


Model XMP-300 is a common base with a board holder, armrest, loose component tray XL-11, pick and place arm and a control console containing low noise vacuum source and logic for picking up and releasing the component for placement upon slight movement downwards of a control knob.

CE Mark


  • Precise and smooth arm movement in both X and Y axis.
  • Accommodates large boards up to 15" x 12" (380 x 305 mm). Without a carousel and XL-11 tray loader the system will accommodate 15" x 24" PCB.
  • Supplied with loose component tray with 10 trays.
  • Quick changeover of feeders and loose components trays. Complete feeder base ca n be replaced by another one in seconds.
  • Fully Antistatic. It is supplied with AML-301A wrist strap and AS3-B grounding wire. All subsystems connected to a common ESD ground.
  • Unique illumination system mounted on an arm focusing light in working area - both during pick-up of a component and the placement on a board.

System includes:

  • XMP-CC1 Control Console Assembly
  • XMP-301/XMP-302 Base Assembly with Board Holder
  • XZ-A301 Pick and Place Arm Assembly
  • XL-11 Loose Component Tray Assembly
  • XNS-1 Needle/Cup Set
  • AS3-B ESD grounding wire
  • AML-301A Wrist strap with coiled cord

Technical Specifications

Power Source 110-120 V, 220-240 V AC
Air pressure (shop air) Max 90 psi (0,7 Mpa)
Maximum placement area on the PCB 14" x 12" (360 x 305 mm)
The board can be turned around to place components
on remaining 14"x12". (Total area of 14"x24")
Loose component tray loaders One, standard (max 2 simultaneously)
Vacuum Source High efficiency diaphragm pump
Dimensions 26.4" x 28.7"x 12.2" (670mm x 730mm x 310 mm)
Weight 55 lb (25 kg)
Shipping package weight
(Two packages)
27.2"x 27.6" x 7.1" (690mm x 700mm x 180mm) / 36 Ib (18 kg)
27.2" 18.1" x 12.8" (690mm x 460mm x 325mm) / 29 Ib (15 kg)

Optional accessories

  • XPT-8 - 8mm feeder
  • XPT-12 - 12mm feeder
  • XPT-16 - 16mm feeder
  • XPT-24 - 24mm feeder
  • XCAR-1 - Component Carousel
  • XIL-1.1 - Illumination System
  • XL-11 - Tray loader with 10 single compartment trays
  • XT-1/15 - Pack of 15, single compartment trays
  • XT-2/15 - Pack of 15, two compartments trays
  • XNS-1 - Needle/cup set (3 metal needles and 4 different sizes of ESD cups)
  • XCS-1 - Cup set (2 each of 4 sizes of ESD cups)
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