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XMP-302D Manual Pick and Place System
with Digital Dispenser For SMT Low Volume Assembly


XMP-302D Pick, Paste and Place System was designed to allow the user to conveniently control the placement of the SMT components and the deposition of the solder paste on printed circuit boards. It allows the board to be placed close to the operator and an exchange of feeders for a second, optional bulk component tray loader. It comes from the factory equipped with the feeder base, six feeders, one XL-6/5D tray loader (with 6 single compartment and five, 2 compartment loose component trays) and XNS-1 needle/cup set.

CE Mark


  • Precise and smooth arm movement in both X and Y axis.
  • Accommodates large boards up to 15" x 12" (380 x 305 mm). Without a carousel and XL-11 tray loader the system will accommodate 15" x 24" PCB.
  • Supplied with feeders (3x8mm and one of each, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm) and loose component tray with 10 trays.
  • Quick changeover of feeders and loose components trays. Complete feeder base ca n be replaced by another one in seconds.
  • Fully Antistatic. It is supplied with AML-301A wrist strap and AS3-B grounding wire. All subsystems connected to a common ESD ground.
  • Unique illumination system mounted on an arm focusing light in working area - both during pick-up of a component and the placement on a board.
  • Built-in dispenser for paste of flux deposition during prototyping. XMP-302D offers 5 dispensing modes and storage for pre-programmed dispensing parameters for different boards or jobs. For description of dispensers see here. The controls on XMP series are identical.

Note: When using dispenser air filter on the supply line is needed.

System includes:

  • XMP-CC3 Control Console Assembly
  • XMP-301/XMP-302 Base Assembly with Board Holder
  • XZ-A302 Pick and Place/Dispense Arm Assembly
  • XL-11 Loose Component Tray Assembly
  • Six feeders (3 pcs of XPT-8, one XPT-12, one XPT-16 and one XPT-24)
  • XFB-1 Feeder Base
  • XDH-1 Dispensing Head Assembly
  • XZ-SMA1 Syringe mounting hardware
  • XFS-1 Foot Switch
  • XDL-1 Compressed Air (Dispenser) connecting hose (with fitting to connect to the console)
  • XNS-1 Needle/Cup Set
  • AS3-B ESD grounding wire
  • AML-301A Wrist strap with coiled cord

Technical Specifications

Power Source 110-120 V, 220-240 V AC
Air pressure (shop air) Max 90 psi (0,7 Mpa)
Maximum placement area on the PCB 14" x 12" (360 x 305 mm)
The board can be turned around to place components
on remaining 14"x12". (Total area of 14"x24")
Quantity of feeders: Max 20 of 8 mm feeders XPT-8
Loose component tray loaders One, standard (max 2 simultaneously)
Vacuum Source High efficiency diaphragm pump
Dimensions 26.4" x 28.7"x 12.2" (670mm x 730mm x 310 mm)
Weight 55 lb (25 kg)
Shipping package weight
(Two packages)
27.2"x 27.6" x 7.1" (690mm x 700mm x 180mm) / 36 Ib (18 kg)
27.2" 18.1" x 12.8" (690mm x 460mm x 325mm) / 29 Ib (15 kg)

Optional accessories

  • XPT-8 - 8mm feeder
  • XPT-12 - 12mm feeder
  • XPT-16 - 16mm feeder
  • XPT-24 - 24mm feeder
  • XCAR-1 - Component Carousel
  • XIL-1 - Illumination System
  • XL-11 - Tray loader with 10 single compartment trays
  • XT-1/15 - Pack of 15, single compartment trays
  • XT-2/15 - Pack of 15, two compartments trays
  • XNS-1 - Needle/cup set (3 metal needles and 4 different sizes of ESD cups)
  • XCS-1 - Cup set (2 each of 4 sizes of ESD cups)
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