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P114 Poster - Click to View

Workmanship Acceptance Posters

These large, full color posters depict acceptance criteria for terminals, through-hole PWB and SMT terminations in accordance with the latest military and IPC specifications.

The new format, which includes three different types of connections per poster, requires just one-third the wall area of previous designs. Each poster presents three times the information in less space, making them more functional, economical and comprehensive. They are ideal for use in training and production areas for continual reference to required quality.

P115 Poster - Click to View 
Poster sizes
are 11" x 17"

Order # Poster Description
P111 Turret, Bifurcated Side Route and Bottom Route Terminals
P112 Pierced, Hook and Cup Terminals
P113 Clinched, Stud and DIP Top-View
P114 SMT — LCC, Chip and Melf
P115 SMT — Flat Lead (side), Flat Lead (heel) and “J” Leads
F100 Metal Poster Frame (Black)

WM8 Manual - Click to View

WM10 Manual - Click to View

Unified Inspection Criteria
Workmanship Manuals

Unified Inspection Criteria Workmanship Manuals provide all segments of the electronics manufacturing industry with the latest SMT and through-hole workmanship criteria.

Order # Manual Description
WM7 Through-Hole Commercial (B/W)
WM8 Through-Hole Commercial and Military (B/W and Color)
WM9 SMT Commercial (B/W)
WM10 SMT Commercial and Military. (B/W and Color)

SMT Workmanship Criteria on CD-ROM

The latest in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) workmanship criteria in a user-friendly CD ROM format. All criteria is based on the newest industry specifications: IPC-A-610-B and J-STD-001B. This CD ROM contains over 200 color photographs and 90 line drawings of SMT components, footprints and workmanship criteria, as well as explanatory text descriptions.

Order #:
Minimum System Requirements: 486 or Pentium Processor, Windows 3.1 or higher, 8 MB of RAM, 2x or higher CD ROM, 16 bit video card and VGA or SVGA monitor.

Unified Wiring and
Soldering Handbook

This Unified Wiring and Soldering Handbook has been designed to provide the electronics manufacturing industry with a comprehensive step-by-step training handbook. The use of this cost effective handbook will greatly simplify the training of your soldering personnel. The handbook follows the same format as our Audio Visual Training Programs (sold separately). The easy-to-follow process instructions provide operators with the means for continual reference and skills updating.

This spiral bound handbook addresses the workmanship quality standards MIL-STD-2000A, IPC-A-61 OA and the new joint industry standard ANSI/J-STD-001. The use of these handbooks will provide training for military, medical and all levels of commercial electronic products. This training handbook is a must for every production area and training department.

Order Number: HBS-3

 Information Covered:
  • Wire Preparation
  • Turret Terminals
  • Bifurcated Terminals
  • Hook Terminals
  • Pierced Terminals
  • Cup Connectors
  • Printed Wiring Boards
  • Appendix 1: Workmanship criteria MIL-STD-2000A and IPC-A-610A
  • Appendix 2: Solder connection criteria

Soldering Workbook

This spiral-bound soldering workbook provides electronics manufacturing personnel with a comprehensive soldering training book addressing: Wire preparation, wiring and soldering terminals, assembly and soldering of through-hole components and also placement and soldering of SMT components.

Each page contains detailed drawings with provisions for students to record their notes and applicable workmanship criteria. This workbook is also an excellent tool to teach IPC-A 610B or any other commercial, military or in-house quality standard. The generic design allows instructors the opportunity to develop those sections that are applicable to their training program. The Soldering Workbook is a must for every training department.

Order Number: SWB-1 (A)

New! Surface Mount Technology Workbook

The Surface Mount Technology Workbook version addresses soldering theory and soldering of SMT Components.

Order Number: SWB-1SMT(A)

Terminal Holder

TH-1 Terminal Holder
1, 7 - CT5 Cup Terminal
2, 6  - HT3 Hook Terminal
3, 4, 5 - TT1 Turret Terminal
3, 4, 5 - BT2 Bifurcated Terminal

Recommended for classroom training.

This reusable tool safely holds terminals during wiring and soldering operations. Terminals will fit snug in holes of the TH1 when holder is new. The holes are intentionally slightly undersized to allow for expansion with use.

Order Number: TH-1

Note: Terminal components do not fit in the

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