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Test Boards and Kits

Practical Components will customize kits to meet your specifications. Please call us for details.

BGA Fine Pitch Kit
This kit contains Amkor daisy-chained fine-pitch BGAs.

BGA Global Daisy-Chain Test Kit
With BGA land patterns that accommodate groups of BGAs with varying I/O counts.

BGA Variable Pitch and Array Kit
Practical Components is now offering a “one-of-a-kind” BGA Variable Pitch and Array PC Board.

µBGA Boards and Kits
Both µBGA® components and test boards have daisy-chain configurations to conduct continuity testing.

Flip Chip Test Die Kits
Flip Chip Technology test die are combined with factory designed test boards to provide customers the ability to test a variety of die specs, bump pitches and bump counts.

FR4 CBGA High-Temperature Test Board and Kits
These test kits are used to place daisy-chained Ceramic Ball Grid Array packages on a high-temperature FR4 substrate.

Mixed Technology Board and Kits
The Mixed Technology kit has surface mount components and through-hole components.

MLF (MicroLeadFrame) Test Kits
This kit contains MicroLeadFrame™ (MLF™) leadless packages.
Omni Training and Practice Kits
Through-hole, recertification, standard and fine pitch kits.

SMTA Saber Evaluation Board
The Saber Board includes land patterns for a wide variety of JEDEC and EIAJ components.

Solder Practice Board Kit PC003
The PCB003 hand solder practice kit is a low cost, effective kit for training and testing employees.

Solder Practice Board and Kits PC008
The PCB008 board for rework practice, solder training and evaluation, and for testing and calibration of pick-and-place machines.

Zero-Ohm SMD Resistor Kits
This test board has land patterns for 0201, 0402, and 0603 Zero Ohm SMD Resistors.
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