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XMP Manual Pick and Place Systems For SMT Low Volume Assembly

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XMP-302D Manual Pick and Place System with Digital Dispenser For SMT Low Volume Assembly (Shown with optional XIL-1 Illumination System)

XMP-302D Manual Pick and Place System with Digital Dispenser For SMT Low Volume Assembly
(Shown with optional XIL-1.1 Illumination System)


The Pick and Place Machines offer the user best price/performance ratio and manual placement process improvement. Also unlike other manufacturers’ models all subsystems were designed for ESD Safety and are connected in the machines to a common ESD ground.

Typical applications of manual pick and place systems are Low Volume Assembly, Prototyping, Pre-production runs, Repair and Rework. X-KAR XMP-300 Series models have common identical base and arm movement mechanism. They differ between one another only by different options, which are included in 4 standard packages.

Model XMP-300 is a common base with a board holder, armrest, loose component tray XL-11, pick and place arm and a control console. The console contains a low noise vacuum source and a control circuitry allowing picking-up and releasing the component upon slight movement downward of a control knob.

Model XMP-301 is the XMP-300 machine with a feeder base and six feeders (3x8 mm, and one of each 12, 16 and 24 mm)

Model XMP-302 is the XMP-301 machine with additional analog dispensing system built-in inside the control console, and having the pick-up arm equipped with syringe holder, syringe adapter, and the air line to supply pressure to the syringe adapter.

Model XMP-302D is the XMP-302 in which analog dispenser was replaced by high accuracy programmable dispenser. The XMP-302 Models have detachable Dispensing Head, which allows the use of Dispensing section as an independent, hand-held Fluid Dispenser. The XMP-302D is equipped with a digital dispenser and it can provide various, accurate dispensing patterns.


  • Precise and smooth arm movement in both X and Y axis.
  • Accommodates large boards up to 15” x 12” (380 x 305 mm). Without a carousel and XL-11 tray loader the system will accommodate 15" x 24" PCB.
  • Supplied with feeders (3x8mm and one of each, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm) and loose component tray with 10 trays.
  • Quick changeover of feeders and loose components trays. Complete feeder base can be replaced by another one in seconds.
  • Fully Antistatic. It is supplied with AML-301A wrist strap and AS3-B grounding wire. All subsystems are connected to a common ESD ground.
  • Unique illumination system mounted on an arm and focusing light in a work area both during a component pick-up and its placement on a board.
  • Built-in dispenser (only models XMP-302) for paste of flux deposition during prototyping. XMP-302D offers 5 dispensing modes and storage for pre-programmed dispensing parameters for different boards or jobs. For a description of dispenser features please see pages 24 or 26. Dispenser features and controls on XMP Series machines are the same as the ones for free-standing units.

Note: When using XMP Series Machine with a dispenser, air filter on the supply line is needed.

XMP-300 XMP-301
XMP-300 XMP-301
XMP-302 XMP-302D
XMP-302 XMP-302D
XIL-1.1 Illumination system XIL-1.1 Illumination system directs the light on the center of pick-up nozzle. It moves with the arm and provides illumination at the point of a component pick-up and during the component placement on a PCB.
XFB-1 Feeder Base with feeders XFB-1 Feeder Base with feeders can be prepared for a particular assembly and easily installed on the XMP Base. Spare replacement Feeder Bases are recommended for expedient assembly.
XZ-AR1 - Arm rest XZ-AR1 - Arm rest is ESD Safe and connected to common ESD ground. It moves with the arm and provides support where needed.
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