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GOOT™ Brand ESD Professional Soldering Tools

All Moldels are Fully Antistatic


RX-822AS Temperature-controlled, lead-free, dual-port soldering station

RX-822AS 2 soldering irons can be used. Can be prepared with 2 different tip types.Therefore, you can do different types of work [such as Micro soldering /High power work (150W)] at the same time.


Extra long life, fast recovery time, lead-free soldering iron with built-in high output heater (72W)

RX-760AS Temperature controlled lead-free soldering station

Lead-free soldering station with great heat recovery and with the newly developed long-life tip.
The RX-760AS has a wide temperature setting range from 200—500°C. With digital display, temperature control is easy and highly accurate.

RX-931AS PID Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

RX-931AS PID control soldering stations The RX-931AS series is a temperature control soldering station compliant with ISO 9000 series loaded with many features including PID control of the temperature, KEY LOCK control of the temperature setting and SLEEP MODE saving energy.

RX-701 AS - Antistatic, Soldering Stations

RX-711 AS - Antistatic, Digital Soldering Stations Excellent temperature stability, small foot print and unique, compact design. One of a kind, unique solutions to save the user valuable bench space.

RX-711ASPH Lead-Free Soldering Station

RX-711ASPH Lead-Free Soldering Station During soldering in N2 environment the hot gas around the soldering tip preheats the connection to be soldered/desoldered. This allows for tip temperature selection similar to that for eutectic solder.
  PX-251 AS Antistatic Soldering Station
Variable Temperature Control with High Power
PX-201 ESD Safe Temperature Controlled Lead-Free Soldering Iron
PX-201 Compact and lightweight lead-free soldering iron with a heat insulation cap for quick storage
PX-232/238/242 AS Antistatic Soldering Irons
The heater is automatically controlled by the heating load of the tip making it an excellent choice for soldering terminals and connectors.
  TP-100AS Portable Desoldering Self Contained Gun
High Performance at affordable price.
  TP-200AS - Low Cost, High Performance Stationary Desoldering System
Small foot print, vacuum 600 mm Hg, suitable for multi-layer boards.
  SVS-500AS - Small foot print Solder/De-solder Station
Precise temperature control, powerful desoldering gun and reliable, high vacuum pump.
  YEX Series An exclusive Extracting Tools for PLCC devices
It is exclusively designed for removing PLCC devices from the PLCC sockets. It is available for 44 pins, 68 pins and 84 pins and removes IC's without damaging the PLCC device or a socket.

Please read operating instructions included with each product to maximize use of product futures, ensure operator safety and extend product life. Price, Models and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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